There is a posibility to add transparency background with RGBa. You can use this for anything that can take the CSS color property. For example background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);. 0.5 is alpha. This property works in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, but nor in IE.

IE uses the syntax filter:alpha(opacity=50). The lower value of this makes the element more transparent.

For example:


There will be black background with 50% transparency.

The release of eZ Publish Enterprise 4.4 is a landmark event. A wide range of improvements further consolidate eZ Publish as the leading Open Source platform for Web Content Management and Publishing.
eZ Publish Enterprise 4.4 is based on the eZ Publish community project, but with the additional assurance of the eZ Publish Enterprise subscription–a service which fully supports the platform.

As an eZ Publish 4.4 user, you benefit from numerous exciting new features in this version, including:

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