How to add new User roles in WordPress site

Adding and managing the New User types and role management in any CMS is very basic requirement of any CMS. In wordpress also we can create the multiple User types and manage there roles through admin panel.

For managing the Role capabilities we need to include one wordpress plugin. This plugin is compatible upto wordpress 3.0.1 and we can create multiple user roles and set user permissions through admin panel.

User Role Editor

User Role Editor WordPress plugin makes the role capabilities changing easy. You can change any standard WordPress user role (except administrator) with a few clicks. Just turn on check boxes of capabilities you wish to add to the selected role and click “Update” button to save your changes. That’s done. In case you made some unneccessary change you always have the “Reset” button to restore roles state from the automatically made backup copy. Add new roles and customize its capabilities according to your needs. Unnecessary self-made role can be deleted if there are no users whome such role is assigned. Role assigned every new created user by default can be changed too.

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