Hppg – high performance photo gallery

There are a lot of photo storage gallery, but I found the most suitable one for me. It is lightning fast gallery. It supports Memcahced and Sphinx. You can even sell your photos online using PayPal as checkout option. One site with shop functionality is www.mineshots.com.

It has support for crosseye images and can convert crosseye images to anaglyph. Gallery interface can be customized without changing gallery core. It has support for writing extensions, overriding system functionality without changing system kernel. Checkout gallery features and sites powered by HPPG.

This gallery can be used for personal photo albums with large/small number of photos. Other gallery example with large images amount is http://tattmight.com over 75 307 images 🙂

More information about this product, you can find at http://code.google.com/p/hppg. Thanks for remdex 🙂


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