addon for whmcs

This is addon for whmcs. This addon displays user profile in chat window.

Information you will see in chat window:

  1. Client name, last name, credits, email, company name.
  2. Unpaid client invoices
  3. Client products (ex. domains, hosting)


  1. Copy files to your whmcs system files (modules/addons)
  2. Go to whmcs admin panel, and go to Setup->Addon Modules.
  3. Find livehelper addon and activate it.
  4. Click configure button and enable widget on you whmcs system. Change settings by your own wishes. (you do not need to add any additional code to whmcs)

Good luck!

You can download this addon from here.

Here is a print screen where to find addon to activate it:

This screen below shows where to find provided information about your customer on Live Helper Chat:

How to use other language for this addon on your website?

In addon configuration page you need to add your live helper chat link with language parameter. For example we want to have Lithuanian language. So it should be: or


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. More about this license you can read here

Updated 2014-10-19: fixed some issues. Tested with whmcs v5.3.7

Updated 2017-03-24: This addon is not supported anymore



  1. Hello There
    Was able to add it thanks for wonderful plugin, but how will it work.I mean where will I get code from. and where to put that code.

    1. I checked this and everything is working for me. Link to addon modules page /admin/configaddonmods.php here you should see module with name “Live Helper Chat”

  2. I would love to try this but for some reason I can’t seem to download the file from GitHub and when I copy and paste it I lose the formatting. Am I missing a download link?

  3. Hi,
    I loaded the files and configured the addon in whmcs but no widget shows up on any page…
    I am on 5.3.10.
    I used the “normal instal of livehelperchat (added code to the header pages) and this works but the addon does not. am I missing something?

    1. Hi, Cris,

      I just updated my post and added an image of showing where to look for the activation of the module. Please check if you really was looking there to activate it. Also check in addon config if you checked checkbox “Enable Live Helper Chat widget” after you do this clear your whmcs cache. If this does not help, please let me know.

  4. Hello,

    I basically have the same question as Cris, Copied the folder into whmcs system files modules > addons, however the script isn’t showing up in whmcs addon config.

    Any tips, thanks for a cool chat!


  5. Thanks Admin, thanks heaps, it’s working on the hosting site but whmcs seems a little broken, any chance for an ETA?

    Thanks heaps for a nice script.

  6. Hello,

    after copying the folder livehelperchat-master in modules/addons for WHMCS I did not see the addon in Setup-> Addon Modules. I solved it by renaming the folder livehelperchat-master in livehelperchat.

    Now, after enabled the addon and put the check mark in “Enable Live Chat helper widget”, the chat widget does not appear on the homepage.
    Am I missing something?


    1. Please check addon configuration in your whmcs and write your domain name with index.php. This can be caused you have not enabled virtual host on your system or bad .htaccess configuration

      1. OK, great, works by adding index.php to the domain name.

        I still have a doubt: if a client is logged in to the WHMCS panel, the Live Helper Chat widget (with your addon) should automatically provide your information (Name, Email, Phone number… ) to the chat?
        If so, it does not work.

        Can you help me also here?

        Thanks a lot.

        1. It should provide this information: Name, Last Name, Email, Company name, Credit amount, Ordered domains and products (hosting plan). I just updated my description and added screen to show, where this information is provided.

          1. Thanks for the reply.
            However, I don’t understand if a customer is logged in in his WHMCS area, it also should be automatically logged in the Live Helper Chat, without fill the Live Helper Chat form.
            In this case it doesn’t works for me.

            Any suggestions?

  7. Nice add-on but the I run WordPress with a sync program to tie WHMCS and WordPress into one. Your add-on only works on the pages directly but pages like the home page nothing shows up (my work around was to add the code as a widget but it will not pull the details it should).

    If the client is logged in there name is show on the top of my site and throughout every page. So your add-on should be able to do this as well

    Next I would like to see it automatically fill the name and email (phone if used) so if they are logged in its already completed for them.

    1. Hi,

      At this moment this addon is not compatible with WordPress a sync program to tie WHMCS. Maybe later will be any changes and I will do it or if you do any changes please commit it on github 🙂

      1. Thanks for your reply. If I add custom fields, does it mean that I need to add these custom fields in LHC Database too ?

        And are these additional datas shown on the image editable from this interface ?

  8. Good looking add-on, thank you! Does the add-on support connecting to a LiveHelperChat server running on a different domain/server? If so how does a person configure the add-on to connect to the remote LiveHelperChat server?

  9. People who are having trouble installing the module, I noticed that putting the way the folder that is extracted “livehelperchat-master” will not work, rename to “livehelperchat” only need to remove “-master” that will function normally.I hope this helps.

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